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February 24th | 8AM - 7PM

Level up your React chops. Join us on February 24th, 2023, for an exclusive one-day React and frontend tech conference at Brooklyn Bowl, NY. #RDNY2023

Hotdog listening to music

In-person, again.

Up your React game and network at React Day New York 2023 (presented and organized by Crystallize) as we’re back in the Big Apple LIVE and in-person. Join us at one of the best venues that the world's biggest and brightest concrete jungle has to offer for a full day of React and frontend tech talks.

What can you expect this year? Well:

  • Engaging talks with the best speakers from the React community.
  • One-of-a-kind networking, free bowling.
  • Lunch, dinner, and swag. Yes, there will be hot dogs.
  • For those that are not able to come, Livestream of the main event and all-access virtual experience.

Don't wait. Reserve your ticket today.

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We pride ourselves on being small, exclusive, community-driven, and open to everyone. That means YOU👊TOO can be a #RDNY2023 speaker and share the stage with top names in React. Join them.

Matthew GerstmanLets Talk ArchitectureSenior Software Engineer, .
Aleksandra SikoraTake a Rest From REST (And GraphQL)Lead Blitz.js Maintainer , Blitz.js
Kaleb McKelveyUsing React to Develop TV AppsSr Software Engineer, Netflix
Donavon West
Donavon WestGet Back to Web Basics with RemixFull-stack software engineer, Donavon LLC
Emily Thomas
Emily ThomasGetting on Par with TestingEngineering Manager, Iterable
Facundo Giuliani
Facundo GiulianiLiving on the EdgeDeveloper Relations Engineer, Storyblok
Josh Johnson
Josh JohnsonThe Great Hydration Migration / GatsbyStaff Software Engineer, Gatsby JS
Håkon Krogh
Håkon KroghPartial hydration in Astro and Next.jsHead of Engineering, Crystallize
Konstantin LebedevBringing best practices from OOP to ReactLead web developer, STRV


08:00 AMSigning up + Coffee Start
See details

Signup at the desk and get your swag pack.

09:00 AMWelcoming talk
See details

Indroductionary talk about the conference.

09:30 AMTalk 1
See details

10:00 AMTalk 2
See details

10:30 AMBreak & Networking
See details

The heart and soul of any conference is the networking part.

11:00 AMTalk 3
See details

11:30 AMTalk 4
See details

12:00 PMLunch Break
See details

01:00 PMTalk 5
See details

01:30 PMReact Shorts
See details

A collection of React Shorts presentations.

02:00 PMTalk 6
See details

02:30 PMTalk 7
See details

03:00 PMBreak & Networking
See details

Network some more and enjoy the final React Shorts presentations.

03:30 PMTalk 8
See details

04:00 PMTalk 9
See details

04:30 PMClosing remarks
See details

05:00 PMDinner
See details

Dinner, happy hour drinks and bowling.

08:00 PMConcert
See details

Emo Night Karaoke has a concert after the conference at Brooklyn Bowl. The band will load in and sound check at 7 PM, and doors for the show open at 8 PM we all are welcome to stay and enjoy the music.

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2019 Conference: The First Hot Dog

The first-ever React Day New York conference was held on September 13th, 2019 at the incredible Brooklyn Bowl venue. An amazing speaker lineup from the world's top companies like AWS, Netflix, Dropbox, and Asana (to name a few), hot dogs, and afterparty set the tone for next year.

React Day New York entrance
React Day New York introudction
React Day New York audience
React Day New York talk
Yuraima Estevez's talk at React Day New York
React Day New York audience
Phips Peter's talk at React Day New York
Bowling alley at Brooklyn Bowl
React Day New York lunch
Didrik Hegna's talk at React Day New York

2021 Conference: Online

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the planned 2020 conference. We hoped 2021 would be better, but had to make a hard decision of having the conference as an online event due to COVID pandemic rules, regulations, and concerns…and it was a winner 😎 Close to 700 people enjoyed talks from another great speaker lineup.

React New York Online 2022

Spectacular Venue

React Day New York will once again take place at the Brooklyn Bowl. A truly unique and unusual place, one of the best venues in Brooklyn, NYC. 16 bowling lanes, two bars, a restaurant, and a big stage.

Brooklyn Bowl blows our’s one of the most incredible places on earth!

- The Rolling Stones

Brooklyn Bowl bowling alley
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React Day New York presented by Crystallize

React Day New York (and React Norway) is organized and presented by PIM & headless commerce solution Crystallize. These are events for the frontend community to level up our skills and network. At Crystallize we have a mission to push the boundaries of Internet craftsmanship by sharing best 
practices across and lessons learned in our industry.

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